About the Instructor at byTheArtBug

Creativity is not just my Living but my Lifestyle!


About The Instructor
Hi I am Megha Silvano I am the main instructor at ByTheArtBug. Occasionally my husband also helps me out.  I am an ACRA registered crafts business owner and workshop instructor.
I am a self-taught Artist, passionate about crafts since early childhood. I have been interested in Arts even before I learned to write my first few words, Since then there was no Stopping, exploring and trying new things as I grew up, following it whenever I could spare time from busy timetable.
Young and enthusiastic I am eager and passionate to make & teach Crafts.
Hobbies & Interests
Drawing & Painting, Art & Crafts, Digital Art, Gardening, Cartooning, Miniature Making, Recycled/Up-cycled Crafts, Nature Photography, Cooking, Home Décor & Interiors, Sewing

Educational Background
I have a Phd degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in English Literature. I also worked as a professor at a “Teacher’s Training College” for about 3 years. Owning a Gold Medal and various merits in academics always made me proud. Teaching to a class of 100 students per batch sure gave me the confidence of public speaking and teaching but I felt I was still missing something so I took this big leap of faith and jumped into the Crafty World.
Arts & Crafts have always been an important part of my life. I can’t imagine myself without it. It is like “Therapy”. And right now I am at a wonderful place trying to turn my “Passion into my Profession” and doing “What I Love to Do”.

About my Crafts
 I design and make unique paper and fabric goodies. The Art Bug shop is full of pieces that would enchant everyone, starting from silly cuteness to tasteful elegance. All my items are 100% handmade by me.
 I make & sell Paper Flowers, Paper Jewelry, Felt Accessories, Typography & Digital Art Prints, Miniatures, Wedding Stuff and DIY Patterns and Kits. I also do custom orders & personalized work. I also conduct art and craft workshops in varied areas like miniature making, paper flowers, felt crafts, paper jewelry etc. 

I have always had the nature and passion of a teacher, after leaving the academic profession and taking the artistic one I still wanted to keep this going and so I thought of teaching “Art & Crafts”. As a child I learned tons of crafts from my mom, my teachers and other family members. I was so much fun and educative to learn something new! To spread this love further I started conducting craft workshops.
Our workshops include a very wide variety of crafts as well as learning level.
Our approach is basic and we have a variety of crafts to choose from.
You can also hire us for your school/organization/community.
Our ultimate GOAL is that you thoroughly enjoy the workshop you have booked with us and re-visit us again to try your hand at the many other crafts that we offer.

Workshop Highlights

Materials             All Materials and tools required will be provided.
Instructions        We will give you step by step clear instructions to make the craft. We will provide                                one-  to-one instructions wherever needed.
Duration              2-3 Hrs or 3-4 Sessions (1.5 Hr Each) depending on Craft Type
Level                    Beginner/ Intermediate/ Expert
Fees                      S$ 45 to S$ 250 Per Pax Per Session
       *The Fee depends upon the complexity/time to make the Craft
$300 to $500 for Craft Courses (Multiple Sessions)

Age Limit             Separate Session for Kids (Suitable Kid Friendly Crafts)
      *For Adults we clearly indicate the age limit/suitability with each craft type
No. of Slots         6 to 100
     *Depends on complexity of Craft, with Complex crafts we keep the numbers low for a better one
      to one instruction
Date & Time       We are Flexible
Venue                  External Suitable Venues or at Home Studio for small batches

Our Home Studio

Art & Crafts That I Make, Sell & Teach

Paper Crafts: Real-like Paper Flowers, Bouquets, Décor & Accessories
I make and teach nature inspired real and life-like Paper Flowers. These are perfect for weddings, décor, gifts and can be used for various occasions.
Weddings: Bouquets, Favors, Flowers, Cake Toppers, Backdrops, Décor etc.
We do bespoke wedding bouquets, décor and more to make you Special day unique and personalized. You can find everything from flowers, décor, centerpieces, cake toppers, flower girl accessories, floral backdrops etc. at one place.
Felt Crafts: Flowers, Jewelry, Home Décor, Accessories, Ornaments & Plushies
I use eco-friendly and wool felt to make accessories, jewelry, ornaments and plushies that range from cute to elegant. I also do custom work & personalization.
also make special occasion and all types of holiday & seasonal décor including CNY, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day etc. Apart from décor & collectibles
I also make usable goods like phone covers, card holders, bags etc.
Sewing: Home Décor & Accessories
I have a knack for sewing as well. I make useful and functional home decor & accessories like cushions, pillows, table covers, mats, napkins, towels etc.
I also do embroidery, appliqué work and monogramming.
Eco-Friendly Recycled& Up-cycled Crafts: Paper Jewelry & Home Decor
I believe in eco friendly and nature friendly practices, I also include it in my passion for crafts. How wonderful is it to turn something that is considered “trash” into “treasure”. Not only these things look beautiful, they are usable and we all get to play our part in recycling in a beautiful, fun and unique way!
Prints: Nature & prints, Fine Art Photography, Painting Typography & Digital Art Prints
I love nature in general and from there comes my passion for nature-photography. How wonderful it is to capture the beauty of nature into memorable moments that you can cherish forever.
I also love to design digital & art prints, with a more modern twist.
Original Paintings:  Modern Abstract Art, Sketches, Acrylic Paintings, Watercolor & Pastel, Charcoal
I love to play with colors and I love doing both traditional and modern art. I love experimenting with colors in my modern art and abstract pieces.
Sometimes I like to go minimal with crayons and sketching.
Pipe Cleaner Crafts: Custom Pet Portraits, Animals, Accessories etc. 
This is a unique art that I took up a few years ago. I love making real like pet sculptures with these wire pipe cleaners, they have a special emotional and sentimental value to them.
Besides pet sculptures I also make other animals as well as accessories with these.
Clay Crafts: Miniatures, Figurines & Decorative Crafts
I like to decorate vases with nature inspired delicate clay work giving them more dainty and sophisticated look
I also hand make mini pots with clay and paint them
Miniatures: Figurines, Collectibles & Décor
This art requires utmost precision, concentration and skill. For those who have a taste and appreciation for miniatures I make these ranging from symbolic to occasion oriented miniatures. These usually take more time due to attention to detail.
DIYs:  PDF Patterns, Handmade Craft Supplies and DIY Craft Kits
For those who like making it themselves, I design and create easy to work with DIY tutorials. They range from paper crafts to sewing, from clay to painting.
Card Making: In this modern digital era, actual handmade cards hold a very special place. This craft is especially close to my heart as it is getting forgotten. I make and teach a variety of cards for various occasions.
Crafts for Kids: Today’s parents are starting to realize that creative crafts teach kids more than playing with electronic gadgets. I focus on fun, colorful and creative paper crafts, pipe cleaner crafts, felt crafts & clay making workshops for kids to help develop their creativity and help them appreciate value of handmade
Sewing: Learn A-Z Sewing