Who I Am & What is This Blog About

Hello & Welcome to the Art Bug Blog!
If you landed here, you must be curious about Me & My Blog!

So here is my Story…

Creativity is not just my Living but my Lifestyle!


To start with, Crafting is my greatest passion almost to the extent of being an obsession! Arts & Crafts have been an important part of my life. I can’t imagine myself without it. It is like “Therapy” that keeps me going, a Stress-buster & Mood enhancer!

Besides that I am just an ordinary girl, happily married to my wonderful husband, enjoying and taking life’s challenges one by one as they come along.

I was bitten by “The Art Bug” as soon as I learned to write my first few words, Since then there was no Stopping, I became crazy about Art & Crafts, exploring and trying new things as I grew up, following it whenever I could spare time from busy timetable.

Right now I am at a wonderful place trying to turn my “Passion into my Profession” and doing “What I Love to Do”.

Things that I Design, Make & Sell...
Jewelry & Accessories

Photography, Typography & Digital Prints


Here is a little more to me apart from Crafting…
I have a PhD Degree in Education and Master’s In English Literature, I taught at a Teacher’s Training College for 3 years. Then I got busy completing my PhD, and after that I am on an indefinite Break away from Academics, Well, Lucky Me!!

And I have all the time in the World to pursue my Passion, thanks to my Supportive Husband (both financially and emotionally) that I can do it & Thanks to Etsy for helping me live my dream.

I Enjoy…
  • I love Nature, It feels great to get out in the fresh air and feel and sense Mother Earth’s glory. Also recycled and up-cycled crafts are close to my heart.
  • I love Cooking and try all my dishes on my Hubby. LOL! He is such a Sweet-heart to take it all!
  • I also like Cartooning!
  • I am a Miniature maker and Collector  Freak!
  • A Few more: Gardening, Home D├ęcor , Painting, Sewing
  • Lastly, I am a Pet Lover!
A Few Not so Good things…
  • I worry too toooo much, sometimes.
  • I think too toooooooooooo much, all the time.
  • Sometimes I am not Satisfied with “Okay”…..well “Perfection” is Good if you want to succeed in what you do, right?......but maybe not in “Everything”.
  • Being a Libran, I get Confused Sometimes when it comes to decision making, Okay a Lot!
So What’s in it For YOU…
This Blog is all about the “Simple Things in Life”, Crafting & Creating, Decorating, Cooking, Chatting, Travel and like.

I am no ‘Expert’ of anything but I love to share my ideas/ passion with You!
Here is what I have in store for you to look for on My Blog:
  • Make it Monday (Twice a MONTH) – ONE : DIYs- Sewing, Crafts, Art, Recycling & ONE Recipe
  • Trendy Tuesday (Weekly) – Home, Fashion and Gifting Trends
  • What’s Up Wednesday (Weekly) – Find out what I have been Up to Lately
  • Thursday Talk-Fest (As Per Sign Ups) – Get to know wonderful Etsy Sellers/ Bloggers. You could be next one featured! OR We can just chat about simple things!
  • Freebie Friday (Weekly)- Lots of Freebies Every Week, Yay!
  • Weekend - I need a break Too!
Globetrotting Diaries: Having lived in three Countries and travelled to 8 (So Far), I have tons of travel adventures to share. Read my “Globetrotting Diaries” to know more about the places we have Explored.
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I believe that,
“Crafting is the best Medicine”
“Being Jack of a few trades is NOT a CURSE”, be proud if you are Good at it.
"Variety is the Spice of life", So never STOP Exploring & Trying New things.
"Everything Happens For Your Own Good and It Happens For a Reason“

Have a Lovely Day Ahead!

                                                                                                                       Thanks for Stopping by,