Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Enjoying the mid week break today with hubby. Nothing like a holiday on a Wednesday! Last week my laptop broke down, thankfully I had backup which I took 3-4 months back and due to bad health during past months I barely touched my laptop...phew...I know we neglect these things and sometimes it is too late! So do it now if you haven't done it in a ling time, better safe than sorry!
It was beyond repair so we had to get a new one, so getting used to the new one now.

There are some new babies in the garden...


Coriander ...Only ONE so far :(

Did some sewing but not a new project just some re-fashion using these two clothing pieces. I really felt it on my back just after a little sewing!! Not like before when I used to finish a full dress in 2 days!! Also my Clothes are starting to get tight!!!..I am not a big fan of maternity clothes, instead I like to get them in larger size...nice and comfy and later can be easily modified to fit back!


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How was Your week?