Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Good, so far! I have been devoting more time to things I like to do. I mean seriously, I started using Facebook and Instagram recently, and I must admit I was getting addicted to it. I was literally checking my phone every few minutes!!! Although they have been quite helpful. but Like a CRAZY person waiting for likes...I was loosing it! Ultimately  my main focus is promoting my Shop and things I like to do, I am still working on it. Loved the recent article by Duni about Instagram, so helpful.

So know, I am doing a phone Detox:-
  • Checking it once in the Morning, but not as soon as I wake up
  • Post anything if I want to in the Morning, reply to urgent mails
  • Then forget about hanging with my Phone every minute of the day, Only take Calls
  • Then Check at Night, that too not right before sleeping, return likes, post if I have to, new likes 
  • I have turned off all Sound notifications (except Sell on Etsy, coz it makes U Happy!, Right!!)
  • No more posting every single personal detail or 3 to 4 posts a day, personal things once in a while, more DIY and business oriented and focusing on my love of Nature, Gardening & Photography.
  • My phone can rest more now and me too!
Honestly, I haven't used my DIY Eco Phone Stand in ages
Hope I stick to it...forever!!!!

And it was Solar Eclipse today! Partial here but was so cool, we watched safely using the binocular method!

DIY & Craft...
In case you missed it...
DIY Fabric Belts Tutorial 


Trip to the i-light Festival, it was superb and Amazzing as always!
We decided to see only half as we wanted to give it more time, so here is PART 1- i-Light Marina bay,

Moon Haze,

Ground Control,
 The Cloud,

What a loving & Beautiful World, Projection on Art Science Museum,


Waiting for Spring...

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How was your Week?