Monday, February 1, 2016

DIY Paper Heart Ornaments: Make it Monday

Make these cute patterned hearts and decorate as ornaments, garlands or make cards!

Materials Needed:


White Copy Paper
Pattern Sheets

The Steps:
Cut the the printed pattern design, Cut the identical pieces and glue together keeping the print on outside aligning the sides according to width,

 Trim if uneven,

Next fold it in accordion style lengthwise, keep folding till you are done. Remember to keep the folds uniform,

Now mark the center on the shorter side and fold it in half,

Apply glue to this side (last fold), place the twine and fold it
Secure with binder clip and let dry,

Fold and glue all pieces the same way,

Once dry open the folds and shape the heart,

That's all your ornaments are ready!


Happy Decorating!!