Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!


So far 2016 has been good, business wise I am focusing more on Craft workshops and re-thinking my product line. So there is a lot a to do!
Workshops are a slow start but is picking up interest fast, after all I just stared a few months back!


Past weekend took some time off and had a nice adventure in one of the very few 'Truly Natural' places in Urban Singapore,

The Green Railway Corridor...

Old Railway Track

Green Unpaved Path

Monkey enjoying Star fruit

Beautiful Colorful Pink Necked Pigeon

Wild Fruits

Fluffy Squirrel

Old Bridge

Artistic Ferns

Nature's Architect

Pearl like Rain Drops on Leaves

What a lovely Color!

And you have to sometimes get dirty to enjoy the beauty!

Did more sewing...
Made a knit dress with pocket,

Refashioned this...
My husband's Over sized Kurta into my Shirt dress, with pockets!

We also visited this exhibition where my miniature shop house was on display!


It was great to see my Name mentioned on the Contributors Board!

Crispy Chic-pea Snack coconut oil, recipe next Monday!


Flowers & Gifts for Valentine's Day...

Valentine Jewelry Red Hot Rose Rosette Earrings Stud Post Earrings Light Weight  Eco Friendly Earth Friendly More Colors Available

How was your week?