Monday, January 11, 2016

Easy Valentine's Day Card: Make it Monday

Make this Lovely Fabric Heart Card, this DIY is really simple and fun to make!


Card stock Red (or your Own Color) 200gsm +
Card stock White (or your Own Color) 200gsm +
Scrap Fabric
Pinking Shears
*You can choose your own size to make

The Steps:

Fold your fabric and cut a heart with pinking shears, you can choose the size according to the size of card you want to make.

If you wish you can cut a template on a scrap paper first.

Cut the red paper in square shape outside the heart (mine is 3.5" X 3.5" square).
Cut and fold the white card stock to make the card (mine is 4" X 4" square).
Glue the red paper over the white one.

Personalize with your own message,

That's all your minimal, simple "Valentine Heart Card" is Ready!

Happy Crafting!