Monday, December 14, 2015

DIY Mini Gift Ornaments: Make it Monday

Make these cute mini Gift Ornaments in a few simple steps with toothpaste boxes!!
Cover with any type of Paper you like...glittery, shiny or minimal!

Toothpaste Boxes OR you can use any of those Cosmetic boxes!
Gift Wrap

How to Make:

Take your toothpaste box,

 Cut it into desired size/no.of pieces,

 Cover the open side of Top and Bottom piece with tape, don't worry no one will know as we will wrap it up!

For the middle parts cover both open sides with tape,

Cover them as you wold wrap the normal gifts, tape and tie with ribbon /twine,

Attach a loop/hook to hang the ornament,

That's it, Happy Decorating!


Did you do any DIY for the Holiday Decor, if so do share a link in the comments below!