Monday, August 17, 2015

DIY Starburst Decor: Make it Monday

Make this lovely "Starburst Wall Decor" for any Room of your house! 
The lovely wall piece is not only Contemporary and modern, it is Under 8$!!!
Easy on Budget but high on Style, what's better than that!

All you need is:

1. Wooden Skewers- 2 sizes 1 packet each
2. Cork Trivet (Size 8" or more)
3. Glue 
4. Cardboard Cut in Round shape (Diameter as you desire preferably 8" or more) and Aluminium Foil OR Silver Paint (or any other color you like) OR Round Cake base (You can use old one in case you saved it)!!

The Steps-

Gather your Materials, I used a saved Round cake base, I gave it a fresh coat of silver paint to hide the knife marks.
If you are using cardboard you can either crush the foil and then paste it over your base or directly paint the cardboard with metallic paint.

Next decide how many points you want, mark points on your cork so that you get an even design, you can make it more scattered or more compact, then Alternate your large and small skewers to create the pattern, 
First dip pointed side the skewer in glue and then just insert in the cork. Maintain the size that you insert in cork so that you have same sized rays. 

Glue the silver plate to the cork trivet.
Let it all dry completely,
I liked the natural look of skewers so I kept it that way, you can also paint them if you like,

I used Picture Command strips to hang mine,

You are done!