Monday, July 6, 2015

Recycled Bird Bath/Water Feeder: Make it Monday

When we were in Dallas we had a lovely backyard (I miss all that space here in Singapore), a lot of birds used to stop by, and so I made this recycled bird water feeder/bath from just two things: Detergent bottle and a bright colored plastic lid...

As summer has come I thought this would be a perfect DIY for some summer fun and a bit of relief for the little birds too!

Just Take & Cut...

turn it into This....

Any laundry detergent bottle that has a handle
Bright colored plastic lid

The Steps:
1. Nicely wash and clean up your detergent bottle. Remove the label if you want.
2. Cute off the major part of the bottle leaving the handle and about 4-5 inches from base. You can also cut a bit of scalloped design on the handle.

3. Now take the lid and draw a simple flower shape and cut it, cut it from middle on the dotted lines and push your flower on the bottle handle.

4. Secure the flower with some tape.
5. Fill your feeder/bath with water and place in a nice spot with shade.
6. Change the water regularly to maintain the freshness.

Enjoy the sweet little birdies that stop by!!

Look how many Visitors stopped by...


Happy Crafting!