Thursday, June 18, 2015

Google+ Growing Circles- Answering Your Questions

Back in April, we opened up our party for YOUR questions in regards to all things Google Plus. We answered the first one here about searches within Google Plus (because they work a little differently than a regular search). 

Today we're going to answer this question: 

What's the difference between "following" a page and adding to a circle?

When you follow a page, you are basically adding that page to a specific circle for following. Pages are usually for businesses or brands. However, there is sometimes the option to "follow" a personal page as well - depending on how the page is setup. Most people have a personal page, and then a separate business page (but this is not always the case). 

The difference is much like that of facebook. You can "follow" a person's personal newsfeed, which means that you are more likely to see that person's status updates and G+ shares in your newsfeed (or in your email inbox, if you have that setting enabled). When you add a person to a circle category, you basically start "following" them too. However, if you follow AND add to a circle, you are more likely to see the person's G+ posts. When you click "follow," you also increase the number of followers visible and counted for the page.

When I add someone to my circles, I usually go ahead and choose FOLLOW (by checking the box for circle category "follow"), then add to a specific circle category (#GrowingCirclesHop, for example).

Much of the time, a business page ONLY has the follow option (as opposed to the circle categories). So, the same is true if you "follow" a business or brand page. When adding a business/brand PAGE, you MUST FOLLOW first, and then you will be allowed the additional option to add the page to a circle as well. Or, you can choose to just follow only, without categorizing into a circle.

In essence, follows and adding to a circle is the same thing. However, as mentioned above, we have seen higher results with following AND adding to a circle. This has been true for both personal pages and business/brand pages.

You might be asking yourself...What's the difference between a personal and business/brand page? And do I need both?
Well, you'll have to stick with us for the next round of Answering Questions to find out the answer to that!!! ;) 
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