Sunday, June 7, 2015

Etsy Craft Party 2015 - Singapore

The Craft Party was a blast!

First of all I would like to thank the Sisters from "Simply4love" for taking the time and effort to organize this wonderful event. Though they had quite a few helping hands but double thumbs up to them for putting everything together.

The party was hosted by Simply for Love and supported by Ozzy and Lulu, The Cotton Shoppe, Noruyo Creations, Rough Beautys, The Artbug, AnaVonR, Azallea Crafts, and a few more.

This was my first craft party as a member of the organizing team, and it was an awesome experience!
It was so nice to meet fellow Crafters and Etsians. 

The day was full with Crafting, networking, communications and interactions! The best part was mixed crowd, there were crafters of all ages.It was interesting to see how everyone connected together though a simple medium of "Craft".

There was also a creative photo booth by #blissbooth to capture the memories.

We had 90 attendants! Now that's quite a number! The venue was sponsored by "The Playtent" sponsored the venue and it was organized at their wonderful 2 storey place.

I thought it would be tiring at the end of the day but the excitement was such that I didn't feel any fatigue at all! It was so fun decorating and prepping the place up, the buntings made by Simply4love, the pompoms and such.

There were 4 different craft stations and one community craft collage. There was use of ample use of recycled paper in most of the crafts. What a fun and Eco way to do crafting!

Paper Weaving...


Paper Bracelets...
Me and Ana from AnaVonR were responsible for the "Paper Bracelet Station", it was an awesome experience to be able teach it!



Both me and Ana were amazed by the youngest crafter on our station, and she made it by her own, the bracelet was a tricky one, even the adults were getting stuck with it sometimes, how adorable...

Paper Gems and Kaleidoscope...



Community Paper Collage...

And Refreshments, after all everyone needs energy to Craft!
by Puteri's Baking Boutiq Daintycandy...

Participants also received Goody bags filled with freebies. coupons and samples donated by various Artists. Also there were "Raffles Prizes" worth hundreds of dollars to be won all sponsored by group of different Artists.

So proud to be a part of the team...

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All together it was a remarkable experience, So looking forward to the next year's event!
Thanks to all those who came and made this event a success, hope they all enjoyed it!
Last but not the least, Thanks @Etsy!

These are the photos that I took, you can find more here...Shared by the team EtsyCraftivistsg members-
Etsy Craft Party 2015 - Singapore

Did you attend a Local Etsy Craft Party? If so do share a link of photos etc. with your comment!