Monday, June 15, 2015

Draw a Minion - Step by Step Tutorial : Make it Monday

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The MINION SKETCHES are all either Hand-Drawn/Digitally drawn by me.
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By The Art Bug Blog

Call me crazy but I love Minions! The cute yellow, silly and happy characters instantly bring a smile on my face! They are simply adorable! Looking forward to the new movie, right now I could really use some silly and cute fun!

So if you or your kids love them too, here is a Minion tutorial for you...

(its a pencil tutorial, please excuse the light lines)

Start with an oval shape, divide it by drawing a light cross,

Draw Outer Circle for the googles and the smile, draw the inner circles,


Now move to the overall, draw the basic shape first,


Do the straps and pockets,


Now let's move to the legs, remember the legs will be quite short, do the boots,


Now we will do the hands, first draw the arm, start it from the strap of overall,
then do the glove,


draw the other hand now,


Draw the hair,

 Draw the eyeballs and goggle straps,

Follow these steps to draw the pocket, I have simplified it a bit,

Draw the details, like buttons, darken eyeballs,


Your rough sketch is now done,

Erase any extra lines that are visible, like the parts of the basic oval outline that are no longer needed. Now take a thin black paper marker,
(I will be coloring using dark pencil colors, if you want to use any water based color, skip the marker otherwise the color will spread. Do it when you finish coloring and the color is dried),


 Carefully outline the whole figure,




Once done you can erase any visible pencil lines,


Now let's color it! Start with yellow,



Do the blue,



Brown for eye balls, and grey for goggles,


If you wish you can add the extra stitch detail with the marker,




Your Minion Drawing is Done!
Hope you enjoyed it!