Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bold Interiors: Trendy Tuesday

Everyone loves neutrals as they are pleasing and safe, But, Have you ever thought of going BOLD with your decor style? 

Sometimes it is the spark of color that makes your room stand out and make a bold statement. 

You don't have to go a do a whole pink or red wall, just adding color through accents will sometimes d the trick. You can also go a step further for example by choosing a bright colored sofa!

Carefully chosen pieces will achieve this look and give you the extra oomph, the unique factor that was missing before.

I have put together three different bold and bright color Interior settings, hot-pink, yellow and red. 


Bold. Elegant. Living-Space.


Yellow. Modern. Living-Space.


Red. Hot. Interiors.

Do you like any of these?
Have you or Would you ever experiment with bold and bright colors?