Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Round Coffee Table" : Trendy Tuesday - Home Decor Ideas

Why to Choose a "Round Coffee Table"?

Well it totally depends upon your personal style and choice. But there are a few thing that you should know about round coffee tables

Round coffee tables add flow to your room the round edges aid movement. There is more negative space as compared to a square or rectangular table. If you have a comparatively smaller room it helps to break that ‘narrow space feel’.

It also is a ‘Visual Contrast’ to the most rectangular or squarish items like the rug and sofa or the even the cushions in your living area. So they are great if you want to add a bit of variety in your room.

Round tables make the space cozy and more inviting, especially if you like to make the space conversational and more informal. The table is easily accessible to every person.

Another advantage could be it can save you from bumping into sharp edges especially if you have kids you don’t have to worry about those sharp corners!

Round. Coffee. Table.


1. Redwood  Coffee Table 

This rustic redwood table is perfect for a natural rugged look. The good thing is that it will look great both in modern white interior space or a more traditional style decor. This is great for a cozy and warm look and feel.

2. Marble Coffee Table 

Marble table will also bring in the natural elements but the cold stone is more for a shiny bright modern contemporary space.

3. Glass Coffee Table

This is perfect for a modern look or for a small space where the transparency will keep the space airy without cramping it up.

4. Metallic Gold Coffee Table

If you want to add that extra glamour to your space, this golden shiny table is a perfect pick to add that glam without any fear.

5. Storage White Coffee Table

If you want your table to be functional, then this one is for you, you can either use it as permanent storage or as a last minute tidy-up secret!

6. Rattan Coffee Table

This one is great for a earthy rustic mood, the lovely hand-woven detail adds texture and the natural appeal to it. It is also light-weight.