Monday, April 6, 2015

Shaun the Sheep : Make it Monday

Make it Monday : Let's Craft - 
Clay Shaun The Sheep

Material Needed:
Air Drying Black Clay (Or you can add color to white clay)
Air Drying White Clay
Black Permanent Marker
Hot Glue/ Super Glue/ Fabric Glue
*The one I made is about 3" in Size, you can adjust the material according to the size you can want to make.

Step by Step Tutorial- Shaun The Sheep

From Black Clay Roll out a Small Oval Shape for head, like this,

 Roll one more similar shape but bigger in size (abt 1.5 times) for the body

 Make a small elongated drop like shape for ears,

 Use toothpick to shape the inside of the ear,

Make both ears in the same way,

Attach the ears to the head,
 Lower them,

 Use the toothpick to make nostrils,

 Use the toothpick again to make a hollow sockets on the head like this to glue the eyes,

Roll the white clay into small round balls to make the eyes,

Take the Cotton and pinch small parts and roll them up, 

Prepare your cotton like this to make the wool,

Glue on the the tiny cotton balls to head, You can use fabric/super glue for this, I prefer fabric glue as it is non-toxic,

Using the marker make the Eyeballs, Glue the eyes in place,

For the legs Cut the toothpick in size of the legs and shape the leg around it,

Shape to make the hoofs,

Using the toothpick, shape the hoofs,

Make all fore legs,

Attach the legs and then glue the cotton balls to the body, make the tail by gluing together a bunch of cotton balls,

Lastly Glue the head, for this you may want to use hot glue,
Here is your Sheep!

Happy Crafting!