Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Scandinavian Look - Trendy Tuesday

Trendy Tuesday - Home Decor Ideas 
Scandinavian Look

Simple. Minimal. Scandinavian-Look.

Give a modern Scandinavian look to your room by following these simple steps:

Keep it Simple

Keep it modern and clean for example look at the pendant lamp, nice and simple. Choose furniture with sleek simple design and clean lines, as in the side table. Even with a lot of Artwork you can keep it looking elegant by choosing minimal pieces.

Keep it Minimal

Do not over fill the room with stuff. But minimal does not mean unusable, choose decor that is functional and makes the space live-able.

Use different Textures
The soft rug, the design on the lamp, wooden table, upholstery etc. will add different textures to your room. 

Go Green

Bring in some plants, they not only look good but will add a sense of freshness to your space. make it Eco-Friendly with suitable interior plants.

Geometric Patterns

Be it in art or cushions covers or throw, add in some simple Geometric patterns to get the look.


Use mostly black, white or grey. Use lighter curtains to let in plenty of natural light. White walls are the key. However, you can add pops of muted color tones, but keep it minimal. Just a subtle touch will do, as in the Art and one of the Cushions. You can also use natural wood for a more homely look. Keep the floors either white or go for a very light shade of wood. Neutrals like beige and nude will also blend in nicely.