Friday, August 15, 2014

Super Easy 15 Minute Cushion - Fall Decor

I have started working on some fall decor ideas, I started with making a few fall themed cushions!
For this project I used different pieces of left over fabrics with fall color theme.
Here is the Super Easy 15 Minute (from start to finish) Sewing Tutorial:
Measure your cushion's width, Cut the fabric width about and inch larger than the cushion, for the length
you will need a long strip of Fabric about 2.5 times the width of your cushion,
For Eg. for a 15"x15" Cushion you will need 16" x 38" Fabric piece (seam allowance included).

The Extra fabric will serve as the back slit with some overlapping fabric, giving your cushion a neat look without the hassle of attaching a zipper or buttons.
Hem both the shorter sides of the cushion.

 Wrap the cushion so as the two ends meet overlapping a bit at back like this, make sure to keep the opposite side of the fabric outside.
 Pin from three sides,
 Sew and finish,
 Turn inside out and Iron,
 That's it you are done!
 Isn't it super Easy and Fun!
Make lots of them!

Watch for more fall crafts/ideas the next week!