Friday, April 25, 2014

DIY - Garden Chairs Re-Do

We did this fun DIY project in our previous home. As we knew that it won't be our permanent residence, so we wanted to furnish it on a budget. But that certainly didn't mean that we didn't want it to have Style. 

So to achieve our goals I did quite a bit of hunting on craigslist to look for a great deal to meet our needs. And look what I found - a set of amazing bistro style wooden chairs with a round table! PERFECT!

The next step was to grab it up, and we finally got it for just $40 for the whole set!! The table was a bit broken but it could be fixed, the chairs however just needed a fresh & bright coat of paint.
(I will tell you later what I did with the other two chairs & the table). 

So here is what we did with two chairs...
All you need is:
  1. Hunt and look hard for a great deal in garage sale or craigslist.
  2. Check thoroughly if what you are buying can be fixed or not.
  3. Bargain!
  4. Clean it up, if its a bright sunny day go ahead and wash it.
  5. Get the Supplies- Mask, Gloves, Putty knife (or old credit card), Sandpaper, Wood Fill, Wood Glue, Primer & Paint.
  6. Sand the old color, fill in any damages, sand again, fix & glue damages, let dry.
  7. Then Prime it & let dry.
  8. In a well ventilated area Paint it in a lovely color.
  9. Apply second Coat to finish.

 What do you think?