Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Scarves

This week I am featuring ten Spring scarves. The floral pattern, light fabric and bright colors make these perfect to top your spring outfit. And most of all they are all Under $30! 

Do you like Scarves?
Which one is your Favorite?
Spring. Scarves. Under $30.


1. Lucky Brand Exploded Floral Scarf $21
2. Oasis Spot and Rose Print Scarf, White/Lilac $25
3. Aurora Metallic Loop Scarf $20
4. Floral Print Lightweight Spring Infinity Loop Scarf $15
5. Corrine Floral Print Scarf  $11
6. Aztec Spring Print Scarf $9
7. Blushing Spring Woven Infinity Scarf $9
8. Polka Dot Infinity Scarf $30
9. Aerie Floral Loop Scarf $25
10. Aerie Dip Dye Jersey Scarf $15