Friday, March 14, 2014

Mix & Match Cushions

Like me if you are crazy about Cushions, here is a post all about cushions. It is interesting how you can enhance the look of your space by combining cushions based on patterns or colors. I am never bored of having multiple cushions although it becomes bothersome at times when I have too many...but I love them!! Currently I am staying in a rented one bedroom condo, still I have quite a few.....when we move into our dream home...I am definitely getting more:)

They look great in reading rooms, floor mattress, big couch, even on bed. I know overcrowding will look messy but if you combine a few with creativity it will transform the whole look of your space.

Do you like having quite a few cushions?
What Color/ Pattern combo do you like to use?
Did you find anything interesting here?

Cushions. Patterns. Mix & Match.

Cushions. Colorful. Mix & Match.