Monday, March 3, 2014

DIY - Mini Bow Cushion

Hey Everyone,

Last Christmas I finally got my Sewing machine, since we have been travelling a lot, I didn't get one...but no matter what this time I just bought it! I learned sewing from my mom when I was young, used to sew a lot when I was in college. But I think a need a little brushing up!

This is my first project on the new machine, I know most of you are experiencing a cold weather with tons of Snow, but Singapore is sunny and actually the weather is quite nice with cool breeze in the Evenings. So I am already in the mood of "Spring Decorating".

I also stole quite a few fabric scraps from my Mom's collection, to try out small projects!! I used one of those for this DIY. It took me about 30 mins to make including cutting and finishing.

So here is what I made- Mini Decorative Bow Cushion...

Look 1...
Look 2...

Since my mini cushion is simply odd sized, I just cut my cloth leaving about 1/2 inch seam allowance. I used a strip of cloth as you can see in the picture-

I joined the two edges to create a slit on the back of the cushion-

As I didn't have enough cloth I joined these strips to make the bow-

So basically you need these three pieces- Main fabric for cushion cover, strip for the bow (about 1/3 the width of the cushion should work fine) and a loop to finish the bow-

First finish the hem on the slit on the back of cushion.
Fold and sew one side while sandwiching the strip for bow between the front and back, as you came to the opposite side, slide in the loop and then sew-

 30 minutes later...

You can attach a small button on the loop of the bow to make it cuter, now I didn't attach the loop to my bow as I wanted to get both looks, with the loop in center and with side, as I wish or like. 

 You can also find a great tutorial for sewing a basic cushion cover -  here.