Monday, March 24, 2014

Cactus Pincushion - DIY

Felt - For Cactus, Flower, Base (green for cactus and any color you like for the flower)
Floral Scrap Cloth and Ric-rac or lace
Paper Coffee Cup
Cardboard Paper 
Synthetic Cotton Filling
Sewing Needle & Thread
Cut the coffee cup to make a mini pot, I left just about an inch, fill in with some pebbles to give some weight. Add glue and cover with a cardboard paper.
Cover the base with floral cloth and ric-rac. Use felt to cover the top.
Cut 8 shapes like below from green felt.
Sew the curved edge using a blanket stitch, use  6 pieces to make 3 sides, join the sides on the inside nicely.
Now for the fourth side first attach and sew the insides and the at last do the outside blanket stitch.
Fill in with the cotton, stuff nice and tight.
To cover the base sew a square piece.

Cut the following pieces to make the flower.
Put the smallest piece, then the orange piece and then the petals, gather it together and sew, attach the flower to the top side. Glue the cactus to the base.

I also added one additional detail, that is the pebbles which I made by rolling the left over felt pieces from the flower petals and glued them to the base.
Happy Crafting!