Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Globetrotting Diaries - Bronners's Christmas Wonderland

 Since the Christmas Spirit has started to shine, what could be more appropriate for today's post but the "Bronner's Christmas Wonderland" in Frankenmuth, Michigan. We went there last year and it was unbelievable, true like its name -A Christmas Wonderland! Don't ask how much we shopped!

A few interesting facts-

  • It is the world's LARGEST Christmas Store.
  • Was founded in 1945 by Wally Bronner, he always insisted on capitalizing the CHRIST in "CHRISTmas Wonderland."
  • It is open year-round.
  • The building is about 7.35 acres in size with an outside area covering 27 acres.
  • Its parking lot can hold 1080 cars and 50 buses.
  •  About 100,000 lights illuminate Bronner's half-mile long Christmas Lane every evening.
  • It is visited by over 2 Million people every year.
  • Bronner's has the exclusive right to sell Precious Moments Christmas-themed figurines.
  • Its inventory exceeds 50,000 trims and gifts, including Christmas ornaments, artificial Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Nativity scenes, Christmas decorations, collectibles, and similar goods.
  • Bronner's electrical bill averages US$1,250 per day.
  • If all the light sets sold in one year at Bronner's were stretched out in a continuous line, they would span approximately 530 miles (850 km).

Here are the photos...