Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Christmas #2 - Door Wreath & Paper Snowflakes

For My this year's DIY Christmas Decoration, here are my next two projects:

Door Wreath...
To make this wreath I used the embroidery hoop ring, tied net bows without cutting it,

and then made the greens with Crepe Paper (tutorial), Berries with clay and acrylic paint, used ribbon, felt and chenille stems for decoration. 

As we live in a studio apartment I made a smaller size wreath that can be dismantled as I have no space to store it!!! It is easy to make!

Paper Snowflakes...
These are so easy to make, For these I used the normal A4 size white printing paper. They wont take much space if I wanted to keep them, but it is fun to make new every year! I did not follow any tutorial, just used the technique, You can Click Here for the tutorial.

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