Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Feature - Cristiana Dumitru: ArtisticComRo.Etsy.Com

My name is Cristiana Dumitru. I am an avid Romanian painter. I love to paint on any material, but fabric became my favorite in the last two years. When I asked my parents where does this passion come from, they didn’t know. So, I guess I can say that I was born with a pencil in hand. Of course, at first I was only scratching some lines :) In school, I used to draw cartoon characters for my classmates. One of my teachers liked my talent and she sent me to an art school.

             Hand painted Tribal motif Women speckled rolled up sleeve T-shirt

My Inspiration…
Anything can be my inspiration, a book I read, a person I meet. Recently I saw a picture in a magazine with a girl. I started from her eyes and from then on I used my imagination. The painting doesn’t look like the picture. It is a new drawing that started from just a part of the picture.
I prefer to paint human faces, but at request I can paint animals or flowers or anything someone wants. Oh, and I also like to paint cartoon characters.
                       Hand painted Sad face women T-shirt

Apart from crafting...
I have a blog, but it is not really about my shop. It is rather a magazine about handmade artists. There, I post products that I like and make feature articles about some of the artists. I think there are a lot of talented people in this world and they really need to be known. This blog is mostly for my soul. It is not commercial. 

I also have a travel photo blog. There, I post only photographs with the places I have been to, mostly from Romania.

I have a Facebook page that includes the products that are for sale, but also I have a special album with custom T-shirts, that were special orders and I post a lot of articles about handmade products.
The T-shirts are painted by me and the leather bracelet are made by my boyfriend. So are actually two passionate about handmade people.

                                               Hand painted Women Rays of Colors Burnout T-shirt

                          Hand painted Amazed face Woman basic T-shirt
                             Red twisted leather bracelet - with adjustable strand - for women and men

In ten years…
I would like to be a part of this handmade trend and hope people will appreciate more the talented artists that are part of it.

Places to look for me…
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