Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday- Make Your Own Minion t-Shirt!

I really loved the new Despicable Me- 2 movie, specially the cute little Minions! They are simply wonderful cute, funny and fantastic. So I decided to take up this fun minion t-shirt project. It is simple and easy, all you need can be found at Hobby Lobby for just about $13 (don't forget to use the 40% off coupon).

1. Puffy Paints.
2. Size 6 or small Round Paint Brush.
3. Yellow t-Shirt.
4. Minion Outlines

I have more designs for you!

Download PDF by clicking the ones you like:


OR Looking for something Fast and Easier - Ready To Print Iron on Transfers. Here you go....

Free Colorful Minion Download: 



The Steps-
Either draw the minion with marker or take a print out of the preferred size. You can also make two or three by reducing the size. Then place the paper under the shirt, the outline will show through, first draw the entire outline.

Let it dry, remove the paper and place a plastic sheet or foil to prevent the paint from getting on to the other side, spread the navy, white and silver with brush, your last touch will be the eyes and the thread lines of the jean dress. Let one color dry before you the other.

And you'll have a cute Minion t!

I made one more by modifying it a bit ...

Have fun!