Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Fun Weekend!

The weather was wonderful here in Dallas yesterday. 
Sunny, Bright, Clear and Beautiful Day!! Perfect for a Picnic.
So Hubby and I just packed up the picnic basket and set off to Cedar Hill State ParkHere are the pictures of the lovely day!

Bright Beautiful Day

The Ducks came to say Hello!

Walking on the Trail

Wild Beauties: Signs of Spring!


Magenta Colored Wild Berries

Time for Fillin' Up & Chillin' Out!!


The Evening Walk

We Love Bird Watching

The Lovely Moon

Settling Noisy Black Birds

 The Most Beautiful Part: Sunset...

Nothing is more Serene, Calming & Amazing...

Hubby's Silhouette!

The Ducks were enjoying it too!

Time to head Home...