Thursday, February 9, 2012

Small Space Mini Garden!

If you really love gardening space should  NOT be a big concern. Living in Apartments does not always gives the luxury of a big garden. I grew up in a small town with a huge garden surrounded by birds and flowers.

After wedding when we moved to an apartment, It was really hard for me not to have plants, so I decided to turn our tiny 4 foot by 8 foot balcony into a mini garden. Every bit of this space is colored and planted by my imagination. Here my tiny little paradise and some tips!!

Add a bit of Paint to brighten and highlight.
First I painted a brick design on the wall, to give a outdoor look. I just used a brick color paint, getting the Paint samples is best for a small project like this. Start with just simply drawing the design on wall and then color. Also did some texture and design on this drainage pipe.

You can also use Painter's tape but since I wanted an uneven look I used free hand.
Use shelves and racks for Vertical Gardening.
I did this feature wall with foam pieces, cut them in different geometric shapes and color them up, just arrange and glue to the wall to create a wall collage. I used paint sample for this one too. Choose a color scheme and just go creative.

Put some hanging baskets, they look great and don't take the ground space.
Use small pots, choose plants like cactus, succulents and ferns.

Decorate with gnomes and other artifacts, I made mine myself with clay.