Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My First Sale!

I finally had my first Sale!

When I made this cute tiny baby hedgehog my husband said "So cute...what is it???"

Anyways what matters is, it is cute and it was my first SALE!

My First Etsy Front Page Feature

It was so exciting and the most wonderful part is that I had four sales through it.

I am a new Etsy seller, I opened my shop in March, at first I thought it was so easy to sell online....these four months have taught me it is Not that easy But it is not Impossible!

To new sellers I would just say, be patient and try your best.

The three most important things for me were:
1. Photos - This is one thing that needs the most attention.
2. Teams and Forums - Gives you a look and feel of whats going on. So participate.
3. Add new items, keep your shop updated and neat.